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About us

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you had your own dedicated and experienced communications department, without actually having to employ an in-house team?

Skilled strategists, event producers and copywriters, focused on delivering what you need, when you need it. Without having to pay their overheads, downtime, holidays or sick days.

Awesome Communications can give you that feeling.

We help organisations find the best way to connect with the people that matter to them – through social media, events, traditional public relations or other comms tools and activities.

Awesome Comms works hard to understand and fit into an organisation, so that you feel like we’re an extension of your business and we’re well-placed to advise you and communicate on your behalf. Our can-do approach is balanced by a healthy dose of realism and a good sense of humour, to ensure working relationships are honest, successful and enjoyable.

Our experience covers fashion and music, print and broadcast media, public sector and charities.

We also support other agencies when they need an extra pair of hands. Plus deliver training to small businesses and individuals who would prefer to develop and implement their comms activity themselves.

Awesome Comms is run by Janet Awe. Whilst Janet likes to think she doesn’t look old enough, she has to admit she’s been in PR and marketing for over 20 years. It enables her to indulge some of her passions, old and new – such as writing, photography, social media and banter. To capitalise on this, after 10 years of working in agencies and in-house, she launched Awesome Communications in October 2002, also indulging her love of a good pun.

Awesome Comms is proud to be supported by our close-knit, extended family of associates, ensuring that we can deliver both small and large projects. So, whatever your communications needs, get in touch to see how Awesome Comms can help.