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Category Archives: Marketing / PR

Happy To Spread Social Media Love

Posted on by Janet Awe

It may sound naff but I do love social media. For me, it’s brought a breath of fresh air to an industry that I’ve been working in for nearly 20 years. I’m genuinely excited by the new communication opportunities it brings, and it’s fast, ever-changing nature which constantly gives me something new to learn. Over […]

The Opening of the Legacy Film Festival: Snakes & Ladders and My Nappy Roots

Posted on by Janet Awe

Last Friday saw the launch of the Legacy Film Festival in Brighton. Organised by a small group of artists – including a friend of mine, the photographer Paul Jackson – the Festival uses film to provide positive representations of black and minority ethnic people, both on screen and behind the camera. It provides a much-needed […]

Review: Boots Anti-Ageing Cream Ad: Do My Elbows Look Younger?

Posted on by Janet Awe

I just want to give some blog-love to the very cute, very funny TV ad for Boots anti-ageing cream.  It features the sort of conversation that goes on between couples all the time, with the guy unknowingly putting his foot in it and the woman becoming indignant. It’s a funny, well-written script, acted with nice […]

Awesome Clients: Flattery will get you everywhere!

Posted on by Janet Awe

I’m delighted to have recently started working with the lovely Andrea Semas, founder of the online emporium of gorgeousness, Kitty DoLittle. It’s a virtual dressing up box, bursting full of beautiful accessories, all of which are either ethically made, hand crafted or created by an unsung British designer. Our meetings so far have been anything but boring, for […]

Rankin at National Portrait Gallery helps make its Late Tours a marketing success

Posted on by Janet Awe

Last Friday evening, I passed the National Portrait Gallery on my way to the theatre and noticed lots of people buzzing around outside. Lots of fashionable, pretty young things.  As I was 45 minutes early to meet my friends, I thought I’d pop in for a quick look and also pick up some info about […]