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Awesome Clients: Flattery will get you everywhere!

Posted on by Janet Awe

Kitty DoLittle logoI’m delighted to have recently started working with the lovely Andrea Semas, founder of the online emporium of gorgeousness, Kitty DoLittle. It’s a virtual dressing up box, bursting full of beautiful accessories, all of which are either ethically made, hand crafted or created by an unsung British designer. Our meetings so far have been anything but boring, for Andrea is as funny as she is smart!

Kitty DoLittle red asymmetric cloche

Next time you see me, I'll probably be wearing this gorgeous hat from Kitty DoLittle

Turns out she’s also quite the charmer. I’m very flattered that her latest blog entry – ‘People I rubbed into this week‘ – is about little ol’ me…

Thanks, Andrea! x

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