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London Life: Extra Support from the Run Dem Crew

Posted on by Janet Awe

Olympic Rings outside County Hall

Olympic Rings outside City Hall

Last night I had another great run with Run Dem Crew. And I’m loving everything about my new Tuesday night regime. (OK, this is only my second week, but it is now my regime. I even cancelled the long-standing drinks plans that I had for tonight, because: “Tuesday night is running night now. Sorry, girls.”) And I love each and every sore part of my body that I drag home afterwards, because I know every ache has been well earned!

I joined the Tortoises again and we ran the same route as last week, through the glorious streets of London leaving Shoreditch to head down to and across London Bridge, running along the river to Tower Bridge (making a cheeky stop to take pics of the Olympic rings floating on a barge outside the County Hall – a nice surprise) and then back up to Liverpool Street and home.

Olympics Rings outside County Hall

Olympic Rings outside City Hall

It was hard work but it was also much, much less painful than last week – it’s amazing what a difference getting off your butt, even the once, can make, right from the off.

And after getting lots of great advice last week, Tonight’s Top Tip came courtesy of the lovely Sarah Mai. Wear two bras!

This week's stats are slightly off as I cocked up the pause/restart for 5 mins. We actually ran 4.6 miles over 45 mins

This week's stats are slightly off, as I cocked-up the pause/restart thing.. We actually ran 4.6 miles over 45 mins.

Never mind flash watches that pause and re-start automatically when you do, to accurately record your distance and time, and that even help you with specific running plans (although, we did talk about those, too – and they sound great and I REALLY, REALLY want one…). If God’s been generous to you on the bosom front, then I’m told that doubling up on your scaffolding can’t be beaten. The value of that tip is not to be underestimated. During my first run last week, I soon remembered the need for a sturdy bra. Sports bras really don’t cut it. This week, the robust over-shoulder-boulder-holder that I opted for did a fair job. But I still felt the need for something more.

But now, in keeping with the ethos of Run Dem Crew, thanks to Sarah Mai I know that next week I will definitely get the support that I need.

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