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Film Review: Lincoln

Posted on by Janet Awe

Set in 1865, just after President Abraham Lincoln’s re-election, this tells of his dogged fight to get the 13th amendment of the American constitution passed, to abolish slavery.  At the time, a civil war had been raging for four years, between people of the South, where slavery was widespread, and people of the North, where […]

Beyoncé sings The Star Spangled Banner at Obama’s public inauguration, for his 2nd term as President of the USA

Posted on by Janet Awe

Today, President Barack Obama was publicly sworn into his second term as American President. The historical importance of this day – and the positive message that it sends to young people, and adults, of all backgrounds and lifestyles – can not be underestimated. He used his inaugural address to “issue a powerful call to action, as […]