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Film Review: The We and The I

Posted on by Janet Awe


This hilarious, but touching film set on a New York bus, follows a bunch of high school kids from the Bronx on their journey home after the last day of term.

On the surface it’s just a rowdy bus ride but as we get travel further, it clearly becomes a touching character study. As with most school buses, the stereotypes are evident – the bullies and smart-arses at the back, nerds at the front, with misfits and everyone else in between. But as we weave our way through the streets, we gradually get an insight into their relationships with each other and their lives off the bus. Their hopes, their fears and their dreams.

Directed and co-written by Michel Gondry, using ‘real’ local kids, this is lots of fun, whilst making some really serious points as well.

And not only does it have some great one-liners, but its old skool hip hop soundtrack had me dancing in my seat, throughout.

Love it.

[Seen as part of the BFI London Film Festival.]

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