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Category Archives: London Life

60 Second Review: About Time

Posted on by Janet Awe

Somerset House’s (SH) Film 4 season got off to a flying start last night. Over the years, they’ve always managed to snag at least one great new film to premier there, and 2013 is proving to be no different. Despite my aspirations at being intellectual and highbrow, the truth is that one of my favourites […]

‘Open Court’ Season at The Royal Court Theatre

Posted on by Janet Awe

I love the theatre and go quite often, yet somehow I’d never made it to the legendary Royal Court Theatre – until last night. It’s long been on my To Do list, as I’ve read a lot of great things about the support they give to new writers. My curiosity was peaked further during the […]

Sneak peak from Labour of Love’s autumn/winter 2013 Look Book

Posted on by Janet Awe

I’m delighted to have had a sneak preview of Labour of Love‘s Autumn/Winter 2013 Look Book. The new collection is as gorgeous as ever. The designer and brains behind the brand (and my lovely friend), Francesca Forcolini, has kindly allowed me to post a couple of pictures showing some of my favourite pieces. I’ve no […]

London Life: How I found my Olympic Mojo

Posted on by Janet Awe

I must admit to entering into an Olympic-sized sulk last year when I discovered I hadn’t got ANY of the Games tickets I’d applied for. As a Londoner, I felt excluded from the once-in-a-lifetime event that was coming to my hometown. So, I channelled my disappointment into cynicism, with a touch of nonchalance, and joined […]

Run, Janet, Run!

Posted on by Janet Awe

With no meetings to rush back from today, I’m pleased to say that I switched off my laptop and got my reluctant butt changed into my kit and down to Run Dem Crew (RDC), by 7.15pm – just in time for this week’s session. Tonight, I did 8.89km, in 1hour 1 min – not that fast […]

The Increasing Visibility of ‘Non-racist’ Racists

Posted on by Janet Awe

What does it say about me when the thing I find most shocking thing about Liam Stacey – the guy imprisoned for 56 days for his racist tweets about footballer Fabrice Muamba, sent seconds after he’d collapsed on a pitch in front of thousands – is that Liam ‘doesn’t look like a racist’. How ridiculous […]

London Life: Another Champion Effort with Run Dem Crew

Posted on by Janet Awe

6.35 miles, in 1hr 19 minutes! Yes indeed, that is how far the mighty Run Dem Crew pushed me this week. It’s 10.30pm on Tuesday, 6th March and I’m too tired to say or write anything else for now. But I just needed to register that straight away. I’ll finish the rest of this tomorrow.  ‘Nite.. […]

London Life: Extra Support from the Run Dem Crew

Posted on by Janet Awe

Last night I had another great run with Run Dem Crew. And I’m loving everything about my new Tuesday night regime. (OK, this is only my second week, but it is now my regime. I even cancelled the long-standing drinks plans that I had for tonight, because: “Tuesday night is running night now. Sorry, girls.”) […]