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Dalston Cat helps Klaxons win 2010 Best Art Vinyl Awards

Posted on by Janet Awe

Klaxons' "Surfing The Void' album cover, designed by Richard Robinson/Gareth Pritchard

Klaxons' "Surfing The Void' album cover, designed by Richard Robinson/Gareth Pritchard

‘Surfing The Void’, the album from electronic dance rock band, Klaxons, has won the 2010 Best Art Vinyl Awards. Organised by Art Vinyl, the company behind the simple-but-brilliant framing system for displaying your record artwork, the Awards aim to recognise the best artwork around and are now in their fifth year.

‘Surfing the Void’ features lead singer Jamie’s cat, Orphee, wearing an astronaut suit (of course!).  Orphee was bought by Jamie from a Dalston pet shop, close to most of the band’s East London base, and named after Jamie’s favourite film. The idea for the picture came from a similar image the band found on the online community, Tumblr, and then wanted to recreate using Orphee. Being sticklers for detail, the spacesuit that Orphee wears is a real one that they shipped over from America and added Klaxon badges to.  Two feline understudies were on hand during the shoot, just in case.  But like a true pro’, Orphee nailed the winning facial expression of true nonchalance early on.

An exhibition of the winning artwork and the 49 other Award contenders can be seen in London at the O2 Arena British Music Experience, in Edinburgh at the Arts Complex, in Folkestone at Georges House Gallery, and also in Paris, Brussels and Gothenburg. Visit www.artvinyl.com for details.

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