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Run, Janet, Run!

Posted on by Janet Awe
If I looked like this when my hair got wet, I'd be chasing the rain!

If I looked like this when my hair got wet, I’d  swim in the UK… That’s never going to happen.

With no meetings to rush back from today, I’m pleased to say that I switched off my laptop and got my reluctant butt changed into my kit and down to Run Dem Crew (RDC), by 7.15pm – just in time for this week’s session.

Tonight, I did 8.89km, in 1hour 1 min – not that fast (can you believe I’m saying that!), because we kept stopping. But a fair distance for me, and in really muggy weather for the most part. After running only once in the last six weeks, it was really painful. I had to dig deep for every stride.

Significantly, I’m clearly on the way to becoming a ‘real runner’, because when it rained for the last 15 minutes, instead of worrying about my hair (and rain’s a VERY big deal for black women’s hair!) I was pleased.

Me. Pleased to be out in the rain. Running. What’s going on?

When I finally made it back to RDC HQ, I was too exhausted to even speak. Which was fine, because a minute’s silence was in order, in honour of the lung I’d coughed up on the way and the decent hairstyle I’d sacrificed.

But it was all so totally worth it.

And, after drinking a glass of milk to replenish me when I got home, the bottle of cider that I had in my hour-long bath afterwards tasted absolutely devine. Especially whilst listening to a great mix that the RDC founder, Charlie Dark, had done and given out tonight. Fitness and tunes rolled into one. You really can’t ask for much more on a Tuesday night.

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