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Happy To Spread Social Media Love

Posted on by Janet Awe

It may sound naff but I do love social media. For me, it’s brought a breath of fresh air to an industry that I’ve been working in for nearly 20 years. I’m genuinely excited by the new communication opportunities it brings, and it’s fast, ever-changing nature which constantly gives me something new to learn.

Over the last year, I’ve been enjoying sharing the social media knowledge that I do have to teach organisations how to use it for their business. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of running a workshop for Photofusion, a small but really great photographic resource centre in South London that not only runs brilliant group and one-to-one courses, but also has a gallery space, studio and darkroom, and somehow still manages to fit in a local outreach programme as well. The team behind Photofusion is intelligent, engaging and fun and we had a lively two-hour session talking about how they could develop their communications strategy and ramp up their social media activity.

Given that I’m in awe of what they do – and will be doing a course there myself in a few weeks’ time – I was extremely flattered to hear that they left the workshop feeling inspired. Their enthusiasm made me feel exactly the same way. Once again I’m excited. This time it’s because I can’t wait to see what they do.

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