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Hundreds and Thousands at Soho Theatre, London

Posted on by Janet Awe

I watched the opening night of Hundreds and Thousands, from new theatre company Buckle for Dust, on 21st June 2011.  One month, to the day, before my 40th birthday.  Being single, that may not have been the smartest move!

Hundreds & Thousands (c. Buckle for Dust & Graham Michael)

Hundreds & Thousands (c. Buckle for Dust & Graham Michael)

Written by Lou Ramsden, the story takes us into the world of a very ordinary woman who we gradually see is clearly desperate for love, marriage and a family. Soho Theatre’s intimate staging places the audience practically in the living room with the actors. This, combined with a lack of interval, means that you are mesmerised by the great script, the great acting and the intense atmosphere throughout – making the tale that unfolds all the more disturbing.

We first meet Lorna as her brother helps her move into her boyfriend’s house – the epicentre of the action.  Cleverly, the script incorporates some very funny one-liners, whilst revealing a very dark and twisted story.  Ultimately, it leaves you with the question of how far would you go to get a man, a ring on your finger and a family?  All relationships are a compromise – but just how far aside do we push our own moral boundaries and standards in the name of love? And at what point do we stop even realising that we’re doing it and it just becomes the way that we are?

I really enjoyed it.  Go see it and let me know what you think.

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