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RIP Steve Jobs

Posted on by Janet Awe
Mr Steve Jobs, CEO, apple & Pixar. Picture taken from apple's website, 2.30am 6th October 2011

Mr Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple & Pixar. Picture taken from Apple's website, 2.30am 6th October 2011

apple's statement on Steve Jobs, 6th October 2011

Apple's statement on the death of Steve Jobs, 6th October 2011

The death of Steve Jobs was announced a few hours ago. Very sad news.  He truly was an iconic figure who has had a huge impact on the life that most people live today, whether they realise it or not.  It also makes his recent resignation as Apple’s CEO more poignant, as presumably he knew that he was going to die soon.

I know this is an over-used phrase, but Steve Jobs really was one of a kind. A genius and a visionary. And what a story. Adopted at birth, he co-founded and set up Apple in his adoptive parent’s garage after dropping out of university. It became a multimillion dollar success within four years, and well before he was 30 years old. Unbelievably, he got fired from Apple a few years later, resulting in him changing direction and setting up Pixar – which was to become the world’s most successful animation film company, responsible for groundbreaking movies like Toy Story. He also set up the technology company NeXt, which was later bought by Apple, bringing him back into the fold.  His return to Apple helped catapult the company out of a slump, with his introduction of the iMac in 1998. Over the years, this innovative merger of technology and design was followed by the iTouch, iPhone and iPad.

I’m very proud that my first computer was one of those small square box apple macs.  A little piece of history that I wish I’d kept.

Steve Jobs Launches the Mac (picture taken from Mac World)

Steve Jobs Launches the Mac (picture taken from Mac World)

Below is a link from the TED website to the speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University in 2005, telling graduating students to follow their instincts, strive to do a job that they love and to see opportunities in life’s setbacks.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

Definitely worth taking 15 minutes out to watch.

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die (2005 Stanford University Lecture)

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